June 15, 2018

Recently I learned the details of the honeymoon being planned by my young friend Chris and his beautiful fiancee Lynn. I guess the days when honeymooners were content with sitting in a heart shaped tub in the Poconos or walking the beach on Ole Cape Cod have gone the way of the buffalo. This millennial couple will be enjoying the culinary delights of Mumbai before heading off to play with baby elephants in Sri Lanka. These exhausting activities will be followed by beaching it in the Maldives.  That’s what I call a great honeymoon.  

Most millennials choose more traditional spots for their honeymoons. Travelpulse.com affirms that the top domestic honeymoon destinations for 2017 were Hawaii, Florida and Las Vegas. The most popular international destinations were the Caribbean, Mexico and Europe. However, an increasing number of millennials are choosing exotic honeymoons forcing travel companies to provide unique experiences. 

Interesting Destinations
Highly adventurous honeymooners should consider Skylodge Adventure Suites in Peru.  The honeymoon suite hangs precariously on a 1,200’ cliff. The suite has glass windows for you to take in all that the Peruvian mountains have to offer. Gourmet dinners are provided on the rooftop of your suite. And if you’re the type of couple that believes getting there is half the fun then you will love your choices of accessing the lodge: hiking through the jungle or taking the complementary zipline. 

Couples that are afraid of heights might consider honeymooning at the Kakslauttanen Igloo Village in Finland. Your glass igloo offers a magnificent view of the Northern Lights and you can ski, ice-fish and go on reindeer safaris to your hearts’ content. Don’t laugh- The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort has become one of the world’s top luxury honeymoon destinations. 

Exceptionally skilled skiers who consider Finland’s terrain to be a trifle boring can opt for La Grave, France. You’ll ride a cable-car for two miles up the mountain before skiing down mostly unmarked terrain. Hiring an experienced guide is highly recommended as you will need to negotiate countless crevasses and cliffs.  Beware that fatalities are relatively common, the most recent being an avalanche victim in February.

Speaking of the mountains, the Null Stern Hotel in the Swiss Alps is rather unique because it has no walls or roof.  It’s only open during the summer but guests should remember the Alps can be a tad nippy in the evening.  The $250 per night charge pays for the open-air bed but does not cover the cost of the butler who delivers your gourmet meals. For planning purposes, one should note that the restroom is 10 minutes away from the room. Honeymooners should also exercise discretion as you never know when a group of Von Trapp family wannabees might yodel past your room.

If you don’t have time to travel overseas or if your passport expired, make reservations at Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo. Billed as the world’s only under-the-ocean hotel, your room will be located 30 feet deep on the ocean floor. Don’t forget your scuba gear or you won’t be able to access your room. 

Not yet popular honeymoon ideas
If you and your spouse want to say you stayed at the hottest spot on Earth, pack your bags for the Lut Desert in Iran. Temperatures reach 158 degrees Fahrenheit making summer in Phoenix seem like a Finnish igloo. The good news is that like Arizona, it’s a dry heat. 

If you want to be the couple that climbs to earth’s closest point from outer space head to Mount Chimborazo, Ecuador. Because of its geographical positioning this 20,000’ foot inactive volcano is documented to be the furthest spot from the center of the earth.  

Finally, for the insanely adventurous couple that wants a rafting trip but finds Colorado and British Columbia rivers to be too tame, head to The Congo River’s Inga Rapids. Over the years, many tried and died trying to be the first to conquer theses treacherous waters. In 2011 a team led by Steve Fisher succeeded in their quest as documented in the film “Congo-The Grad Inga Project”. Fisher’s team survived 40-foot-tall waves, whirlpools and waterfalls, not to mention the seventy- odd armed factions that make the Congo Republic one of the most unstable places on earth. 

All in all, Mumbai, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives are looking really-good. Mazel tov Chris and Lynn. 

Have a great weekend.

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